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Bare Bones

Bare Bones

The dice game that thinks it’s a card game!

Roll special dice to score points and earn coins, as you build a custom deck of cards to outmaneuver your opponents. There are many ways to win — will the dice roll your way?

2 to 4 players20 - 30 minutesAge 10 and up
  • 217 full color cards
  • 28 custom engraved dice
  • Color rulebook and card guide
  • Scoresheet pad
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  • Bare Bones game

    A modern spin on retro styles

    Bare Bones was inspired by many of the classic dice and card games of our youth, with an emphasis on simple mechanics, bright colors, and high replayability.

  • Closeup of "Hot Potato" Action Card

    (Almost) endless variety

    Each game of Bare Bones uses 7 out of 20 included Action Cards, meaning you can choose from more than 75,000 possible combinations! (77,520 to be precise. 🤓)

  • Closeup of White "Coin" Dice

    High quality materials

    Bare Bones comes with 28 custom engraved and painted 16mm acrylic dice — no screen printing or stickers. Bare Bones cards are full color, printed on 300gsm coated art paper.

  • Closeup of various colored dice

    Brain engaging fun

    Bare Bones is a great way for younger players to learn about probabilities and develop numeracy, in addition to reinforcing basic gameplay skills.

Cool! How do I play?

The best way to learn Bare Bones is to open the box and dive in! But for those of you who just can’t get enough PDFs in your life, we’ve got you covered. 😎
Bare Bones Rules (PDF) ➜

For an even faster introduction, check out our gameplay video below!

Bare Bones Gameplay Basics